Supporting veterans through shared experiences

Our Mission & Vision

To help veterans gain a better understanding of how risk taking behaviour (RTB) mixed with veteran mentality can become a problem during the transition out of the forces

To use shared experiences to reestablish that long-lost sense of comradery that can be left behind when leaving the forces.

Through means of restoration helping to rebuild lives and helping to reintegrate veterans back into the community.

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The course is structured in a way so that it can be delivered as a set of questions and scenarios all associated with the twelve core modules of the PTLS programme, this allows you to share your experiences both negative and positive with a small group of veterans in a confidential and controlled environment. Through this shared experience all veterans involved have the opportunity to begin to understand that you all seem to experience the same kind of difficulties during the transition period, giving you a chance to reflect on your time in the forces which also reestablishes the levels of confidence that may have been lost a long time ago.


PTLS covers twelve modules, each module is created in such a way that it recreates your journey on leaving the forces and what you may have faced or will face during the transition period.

Ongoing Support

Once the programme is complete the support doesn’t stop there. The PTLS Social Media support network will be available to provide realtime support for you whilst in the community. We will continue to mentor you during your transition out of the forces/prison.

Corporate Partners

Project TLS works with a number of brilliant partners who share a passion for supporting veterans.


Icarus are assisting with the delivery of the mental health provision and treatment for veterans supported by Project TLS.


The Bridge have been a part of TLS from the outset specialising in EMDR therapy.

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All donations towards the book are gratefully received. Donations of £500 or more will include lunch with Rich Jones, a guided tour one of the books locations and a VIP invite to a track day with Rich’s Project TLS Mitsubishi Evo.