Bilateral Stimulation Trauma Therapy

BLS is a relatively new type of therapy used to treat various forms of psychological trauma, ranging from stress related anxiety to severe complex PTSD.
It is used by applying bi lateral stimulation (BLS), to allow the patient to access traumatic events that haven’t been processed correctly.

This therapy is delivered in various ways.

  • Tapping (Pulsars)

  • Hand Waving

  • Light Bar

So what is ultraBLS?

This new method and its equipment was designed by Retired Maj Cormac Doyle, 23 years armed forces veteran who specialises in trauma therapy. He works closely with the brilliant Ajda Ellis, who between them have over 30,000 hours of BLS delivery. As a result of their extensive experience, they developed ultraBLS which takes the therapy a few steps further using a brand new system and even more effective method using specially designed glasses and synchronised pulsars, and a method designed to install a positive memory to replace the traumatic one that has been reprocessed.

The equipment alone makes a vast difference in the quality of the therapy delivered, traditionally the hand waving and tapping technique was tiring for the therapist meaning that the amount of time treating patients was reduced due to fatigue. ultraBLS eliminates this by using the glasses and pulsars, this method allows the therapist to focus on what’s important and that’s observing the patient for any physical changes.

What can ultraBLS be used for?

ultraBLS can be used to treat a number of psychological and mental health conditions, including:  

  • PTSD

  • Addiction

  • Phobias

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Human Performance

Before and after brain scans.

Brain scans have clearly demonstrated pre-post changes after BLS therapy, including increases in hippocampal volume, which have implications for memory storage.

The left scan shows the over activity of a brain BEFORE BLS therapy, the right right shows over-activity of the same brain AFTER BLS therapy. 

How many sessions are needed?

BLS is very effective ultraBLS even more so, for someone with a single traumatic event, one 90 minute to 2 hour session could be enough to reduce the traumatic experience and reprocess it to a point where the patient no longer experiences the event as a traumatic one, in short it becomes a normal memory and no longer carries any ill effects.

Who is not suitable for ultraBLS

BLS is not suitable for certain conditions including:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • People with unstable substance abuse
  • Pregnant
  • People that suffer with psychosis
  • People prone to psychotic episodes

Rich Jones, Qualified ultraBLS Practitioner

Rich Jones is a qualified and experienced ultraBLS practitioner.

To book a session with Rich or to ask any questions please contact:

Rich is based at the Contemporary Therapy Centre on Cheltenham Road in Bristol. 

Rich can also travel to your home to carry out treatment in surroundings that you may find more comfortable.

Client Testimonial​

Stuart received a single session of ultraBLS therapy from Rich Jones. The changes to his quality of life from a single session have been significant.

To book a session with Rich or to ask any questions please contact:

Client Testimonial​

I came to Rich with severe, crippling anxiety that was ruling my life. Every morning, I woke with a sense of dread that lasted all day and kept me up at night.
I was in a constant state of fight or flight from unresolved trauma from my childhood and an abusive relationship. I had spent thousands on numerous forms of therapy prior to this, all which made little to no difference.
This included neurofeedback training, hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy, talk therapy, and inner child therapy.

After only one 45-minute EMDR session, the anxiety that haunted me in my every day life vanished. I am still in disbelief at how powerful this treatment is, and I wish I discovered it sooner as I wasted far too much time living in fear. I will be forever grateful to Rich for treating me and showing me the light at the end of the tunnel.

I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone who wants to heal from past experiences and live life more fully.
ultraBLS patient


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