Update June 2022

Rich Jones

Rich Jones

Rich has now managed to restart negotiations with a couple of private prisons managed by G4S, looking to reintroduce Project TLS into the system to support veterans in custody.

The first course was delivered successfully in HMP Oakwood

Rich attended the first veterans event held at HMP Oakwood since the covid restrictions were lifted.

Rich was invited to Tankfest at Bovington tank museum as a guest speaker to talk about the difficulties veterans face during the transition period.

Rich has now been recruited to assist with the training with new prison staff members at HMP Five Wells, the aim being to spread the awareness for veterans in custody.

The first course of Project TLS in HMP Five Wells rolls out on the 29th June.


All donations towards the book are gratefully received. Donations of £500 or more will include lunch with Rich Jones, a guided tour one of the books locations and a VIP invite to a track day with Rich’s Project TLS Mitsubishi Evo.